Core Values

The high level of services are
what makes ANDEMA different from others.

The staff are trained to be responsive to customer inquiries, responsible to work demands and reliable with quality and delivery.

At ANDEMA, Health, Safety and Environment have become a critical necessity in the daily process of every project. We perceive that HSE is a crucial part of our success and long term sustainability and are committed to implementing continuous improvement.

Andema 5 ways of working:

  • Procedural : All work must be done according to the
    appropriate standard and rules
  • Planned : All work must be well-planned and specified
  • Coordinated : There must be clear communication &
    strong coordination between the team
  • Careful : All work must be controlled to make sure it is
    done properly
  • Complete : All work is triple checked triple to ensure
    nothing will be missed

Andema 5 R work attitude:

  • Responsive : a prompt response to every client's inquiry
  • Ready : ready to listen and understand what client's needs
  • Respect : respect internal and external clients
  • Responsible : responsible to commitments and promises
  • Reliable : dependable in every task we do


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