Interzone 1000

1mm Glass-Flake Epoxy

Description :

  • A very high solids, low VOC, two component high build epoxy containing a high level of chemically resistant glass flake which imparts properties of excellent corrosion, abrasion and chemical resistance.

How To Use (Intended for):

  • For the protection of steelwork in areas where high abrasion and corrosion resistance are required including splashzone areas on offshore platforms, jetties decks, bridges, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, and water treatment plants. Excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment gives good compatibility with both sacrificial anode and impressed current systems, making interzone 1000 particularly suitable for the long term protection of sub-sea structures. As part of a non-slip deck system in conjuction with approriate aggregate.

Volume Solid : 92%

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