Interzone 485

Ultra high build epoxy

Description :

  • An ultra high build, high volume solids, two component catalysed epoxy, capable of being applied up to 3000 microns (120 mils) dry film thickness, and providing exellent impact resistance, abrasion resistence and adhesion properties.

How To Use (Intended for):

  • As a coating for the protection of steelwork in severe environtments where high abrasion and corrosion resistance are required including splashzone areas on offshore oil and gas platforms, wharf plies, ship loading facilities, jetties, decks, bridges, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, and water treatment plants. Particularly suitable when used in conjunction with appropriate aggregate to provide a tough, durable non-slip deck system. Interzone 485 is ideally suited for use on heliports, work areas and walkways on offshore structures. Excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment, gives good compatibility with both sacrificial anode and impressed current systems. Interzone 485 is particularly suitable for the long term protection of sub-sea structures, or as a shop or a field applied coating for hot, cathodically protected oil or gas pipelines. As a tank lining for abrasive slurry e.g. CIL/CIP tanks in the gold mining industry.

Volume Solid : 99%

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