Finishes Coating

The finish coat provides the required appearance and surface resistance of the system. Depending on the conditions of exposure, it must also provide the first line of defence against weather and sunlight, open exposure, and condensation.

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A high performance, two component, high solids finish which contains no free isocyanates, offers compliance to current VOC legislation, and affords extended lifetime to first maintenance when utilised as part of a high performance anticorrosive system.Interfine 878 offers superior gloss and colour retention and provides significantly improved resistance to yellowing & chalking when compared to typical conventional topcoats including catalysed acrylic, and polyurethane finishes.

A two component epoxy finish coat suitable for brush, roller and spray application.

A single component alkyd gloss enamel finish

A two component ,high build, acrylic polyurethane finish giving exellent durability and long term recotability.

A two component acrylic polyurethhane finish giving exellent durability and long term recoatibilility.

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