Chartek 1709

Epoxy intumescent

Description :

  • Chartek 1709 is a high performance epoxy intumestion coating system. The product is a high build, two pack material providing excellent durability and combined corrosion and fire protection. ANSI/ UL 1709 tested and Exterior Listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for fire durations up to 4 hours. Specification tested by FM Approvals to ASTM E1529-06. Certified by LIoyd's Register (LR) using ISO TR834-3 and BS476, Parts 2 and 21 Appendix D, hydrocarbon time / temperature relationship, when applied over mild steel and hot dip galvanised steel.

How To Use (Intended for):

  • For use in the onshore oil, gas, petrochemical and power generation industries. For the protection of steel structures, pipework and vessels from the effects of hydrocarbon pool fires and cryogenic spill and splash. All applications of Chartek 1709 shall strictly conform with procedures laid down in International Protective Coatings' Chartek Application Manual.

Volume Solid : 100%

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