Lining is a material used to protect inner surfaces as of tunnels, pipe, or process equipment. Linings definitions appear moot in the distinction with coating, but usually lining is coating that applied on inner surface side and usally it perform a thicker layer than coating process.

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Ceilcote 2000 Flakeline is a hight performance, flake fiiled epoxy novolac coating that is designed to provide maximum resistance to 98% sulphuric acid.

Ceilcote 242 flakeline is a flake filled vinyl ester coating with excellent resistance to organic and inorganic acid solutions and many aliphatic solvents. Its offers outstanding chemical resistance with quick turn around for service. Ceilcote 242 flakeline also meets FDA requirements.

Ceilcote 282 flakeline is a flake-filled, corrosion resistant lining system specifically designed for flue gas desulphurisation environments

Ceilcote 380 Primer is a catalysed vinyl ester primer. It provides excellent bonding and adhesion for various polyester and vinyl ester linings, coating and flooring systems, as well as for ceilcote hybrid polymer systems.

Ceilcote 6640 ceilcrete is a trowel-applied vinyl ester system designed specifically for the protection of steel and concrete against corrosive chemicals. The system includes a synthetic or fibreglass reinforcing layer.

A solvent free, two component polycyclamine cure girth weld coating system utilising advanced epoxy novolac tecnology.

A solvent free, two component polycyclamine cure lining system utilising advance epoxy novolac technology.

A solvent free, two component polycyclamine cure lining system utilising advanced epoxy novolac technology with flake and fibre reinforcement.

An Ultra high solids, two component polycyclamine cured lining system ultilising advanced epoxy novolac technology.

A two component , heavy duty, abrasion resistant, glass flake reinforced vinyl ester coating. A chemical and abrasion resistant vinyl ester coating which can be applied using standard airless spray equipment at material temperatures up to 35 C (95 F).

A high performance, highly crosslinked two component epoxy novolac tank lining, with excellent heat and solvent resistance.

A two component, chemically resistant, high solids, high build epoxy phenolic tank lining.

A two component, solvent free, heavy duty epoxy tank lining.

A two component solvent based thin film epoxy tank coating.

A two component epoxy holding primer.

A two component, solvent free, chemically resistant heavy duty epoxy phenotic tank lining.

A two component, chemically resistant phenolic epoxy novolac tank lining

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