Enviroline 222

Epoxy Novolac Solvent Free Lining

Description :

  • A solvent free, two component polycyclamine cure lining system utilising advance epoxy novolac technology.

How To Use (Intended for):

  • Enviroline 222 is a new generation system providing improved performance benefits: Excellent chemical resistance, Excellent adhesion to concrete, moisture tolerance, fast cure (rapid return to service in 8 hours at 25 C (77 F)), single coat apllication, Abrasion and impact resistance. applications include steel and concrete lining in the oil and gas , chemical, pulp and paper, mining and water industries on assets such as sewer manholes, concrete sewage pipes, lift stations, wet wells, concrete storage tanks, tank pads, trenches,troughs, sumps and pits.

Volume Solid : 100%

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