Interline 1064

Glass Flake Vinyl Ester Tank Lining

Description :

  • A two component , heavy duty, abrasion resistant, glass flake reinforced vinyl ester coating. A chemical and abrasion resistant vinyl ester coating which can be applied using standard airless spray equipment at material temperatures up to 35 C (95 F).

How To Use (Intended for):

  • Interline 1064 is primary intended for the internal lining of chemical storage tanks and vessels where acidic chemicals or hot media are to be stored at temperatures up to 90 C (194 F). Interline 1064 can also be used extensively in a number of industry sectors, including refineries, pulp and papers plants and chemical plants where it can be used for coating steelwork in corrosive environtment where abrasion and frequent contract with agresive chemicals, e.g acids is likely to occur. interline 1064 is also suitable for application in areas where exposures to dry temperatures up to 160 C (320 F) are encuntered and is also suitable for oil/gas/water separators.

Volume Solid : 100% reactive, 85% recommendation figure

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