Temperature Resistance

Temperature Resistance Products are group of paint products that are spesifically used for coating to provide long term Corrosion Protection and Resist a boiling point for some material in outside of normal temperature ranges, most conventional coating can perform in a range like -196ºC (-321ºF) to 650ºC (1202ºF).

A highly crosslinked, two component, high build Epoxy Phenolic coating which combines properties of corrosion and chemical resistance when used in high temperature service.

A single Component, High Temperature Coating, based on a moisture curing silicone binder. The Moisture curing crosslinking mechanism allows multiple coats to be applied without heat curing. Suitable for temperatures up to 540°C (1004°F)

Intertherm 7050 is a high performance thermal insulation system based on a solvent free, 100% solids, epoxy syntactic foam.Designed to provide both thermal insulation and corrosion protection in its own right and also when used as part of the Chartek fireproofing system.Suitable for use at continuous operating temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) up to +120°C (+248°F).Application techniques include spray, trowel and moulding/casting.Intertherm 7050 is impervious to moisture and is extremely resilient to damage and chemical spills.

A two component, high build, high temperature resistant 'cold spray' applied coating, based on titanium modified inorganic copolymer technology and pigmented with metallic aluminium flake.Intertherm 751CSA is a novel high performance coating that is applied using standard application equipment and cures effectively at ambient temperatures. Capable of providing corrosion protection to steel in both atmospheric service and under thermal insulation operating in thermal cyclical conditions between -196°C (-321°F) and 400°C (752°F) without the need for additional heat curing, prior to being placed in service.

A single component, intermediate temperature finish based on temperature resistant silicone and acrylic resins with thermally stable pigmentation.

A one component, general purpose heat resistant paint, based on air drying oleoresinous resins, and pigmented with aluminium flake.

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